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Edelstein C. (Poland)

I have a confession to make; I don’t know the first thing about soccer. I joined because I was desperate for cash and thought betting might be the answer. Connor’s tips have allowed me to make the money I need to pay my bills and live more comfortably.

Renshu H. (Germany)

The real power of Betmaster1x2.comis that it evens the playing field between you and the bookie … and the real power of Betmaster 1× is that it actually gives you an advantage over the bookie so that you can make some real money in a short amount of time.

Harley, (Nigeria)

Osman B Turkey

“I get identified with Daniele’s new school’ style. I like the fact that he uses a computer program to analyze matches – so I selected him as my tipster. I have not been disappointed. His tips are excellent and my bankroll has grown fast.”

Jorgen D Denmark

“I’m from the old era of betting and really like Daniele’s approach. He hasn’t let me down as my tipster either – his high win rate has really helped me grow my bankroll.”

Ionais G Greece

I’m recommending this tips site to all my friends and you can count on me being a member for life. Great tips, great customer service!”







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  1. Herbert Winkler Been looking at any way possible to make profits with football betting and I finally found Connor! This guy has been making me a lot of money, and now I can say with certainty that I found the real deal. I sincerely hope your employer doesnt find this site !
  2. Richie, (Canada)
  3. Hans Moller It is good to know that there are people like Connor on the “inside” who want to help us punters. During all of my sports betting, I have never been able to do better than breaking even. Finally I have been able to win daily with Connor’s insider tips. This guy’s information is spot on !
  4. Jim, (UK)
  5. Louis Varga Recommended completely. If you want to start making profits, this is definitely the way to go with sports betting. Hats down to you Connor and be careful cause you are probably making a lot of bookmakers angry !
  6. Cees, (Netherlands)
  7. David Dupont Take advantage of this while you can. This guy’s tips have earned me a ton of money and I would not be nearly as well off as I am today without him. Connor’s been the best thing to happen to me.
  8. Jason, (Kenya)
  9. Ace Haas I dont know how he does it but his tips are top notch, amazing results. I get the latest info from Connor and it has helped me to get a long way in repairing my bankroll.
  10. Hans, (Denmark)
  11. Max Rizzo I am a professional sports bettor, but your tips Connor make me look like a baby ! I still can’t believe it, but if it is making me money, I’ll take it!
  12. Gregory, (Scotland)


greece flag, pro soccer tip, customer testimonials flag, customers worldwide
Georgios Papadopoulos, Greece
My name is Nikolae and i’m from Greece. Before finding your website i was betting a lot on hockey and i always wondered if someone could help me win on soccer too. I’m glad I have find this source and the extraordinary team that makes everything so easy for me.

italy, italy members, italian customers, pro soccer tip
Francesco Schiavone, Italy
I never thought possible that was someone that can win so much money from betting. If i already won €3000, i am curious how much money you are winning with these tips. Hmm… you must be very happy. Cheers!

spain flag, spain cusomers, pro soccer tip spain customer testimonials
Jose Calderon Perez, Spain
I was skeptical in the beginning but after 2 months of using this service and the tips, i’ve made 9 times my initial investment. Over €1800 i’ve won. Thank you !

romania flag, romania customers, pro soccer tip customer testimonials romani
Ionae Stancu, Romania 
I am only 19 years, i know you told me not to bet because i have a small bank, but i didn’t listen your advice and i’m so happy because I have won so much that i afforded to buy my dream motorcycle. Thank you so much for making my dream come true.

finland flag, finland customer testimonials, pro soccer tip
Mati Koponnen, Finland
I am €3,689 profit in 17 days. My single mistake was not betting on the 4,6 odd. Now i would been having more E4000 profit if i wouldn’t made this mistake. Congratulation guys and continue your work!

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Customers Testimonials

Excellent predictions. I highly recommend to everyone to buy matches from this site and then feel very happy as it I feel. Also my family and I are very grateful.
– Anders , Norway

Finally I live my dream, I found what I was looking for, an excellent source for matches. Thanks to these guys who helped me to make a lot of money for me and my family.
– Sukhon , Thailand

Final result :
Home team win = 1@
Draw = X@
Away team win = 2@

Double Chance :
Home team win or draw = 1X@
Away team win or draw = X2@
Home team or away team win = 12@

Halftime-Fulltime :
1. Halftime Home team win -fulltime home team win = 1-1@
2. Halftime draw-fulltime win home team = X-1@
3. Halftime home team win-fulltime away team win = 1-2@
4. Halftime win home team-fulltime draw = 1-X@
5. Halftime draw-fulltime draw = X-X@
6. Halftime win away team-fulltime draw = 2-X@
7. Halftime away team win-fulltime home team win = 2-1@
8. Halftime draw-fulltime win away team = X-2@
9. Halftime Home team win -fulltime home team win = 2-2@

Total Goals :
1. Under 2,5 goals = 0-2@
2. Over 2,5 goals = 3+@
3. Over 3,5 goals = 4+@
4. Over 4,5 goals = 5+@
5. Over 5,5 goals = 6+@
6. Over 6,5 golas = 7+@

Both team to score :
1. Both team to score yes = GG@
2. Both team to score no = NG@

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